So Much to Say by Dr. Stephen Calculator

Dr. Stephen Calculator

“A good quality of life occurs when individuals experience a true sense of belonging.” -Dr. Stephen Calculator, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

About the Book

Dr. Calculator goes beyond step-by-step instructions – he gets to the root of why, how, when and where. His philosophy is built upon presuming confidence and the fundamental belief that overestimating potential has less negative consequences than underestimating it.

So Much To Say arms you with a lifetime of experiences that have created more effective communicators who are better able to participate in all facets of life. And as a parent, you know what that means: more happiness, more confidence and more self-ability for your loved one.


Published April 3, 2018
Paperback – 308 pages

Book Cover of So Much to Say by Dr. Stephen Calculator

front cover art by
Jackson Moore – age 3

Dr. Calculator has very generously gifted his second book, to the Angelman Syndrome Foundation, and wishes for 100% of the proceeds to fund scholarships for families to attend the 2019 ASF Family Conference!

Say Thanks to Dr. Calculator

Dr. Calculator’s contributions to Angelman syndrome are immeasurable. The advances in communication techniques addressing the unique challenges and successes that people with AS experience are in large part due to Dr. Calculator. Our community will be forever indebted to his career, passion and genuine interest in wanting our loved ones with Angelman Syndrome to be fully included and achieve their absolute best. 

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