Rebecca Burdine, Director

Dr. Burdine is a parent to a child with Angelman Syndrome. She first served on the ASF scientific advisory committee in 2007 by invitation from Dr. Joe Wagstaff. She has previously served as Chief Scientific Officer for the Pitt-Hopkins Research Foundation and for the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics. She is currently serving on the steering committee for the Angelman Syndrome Natural History study and on the Clinical Trial Steering Committee for the STARS and NEPTUNE studies conducted by Ovid Therapeutics.

Rebecca Burdine is a faculty member in the Department of Molecular Biology at Princeton University and also serves on the ASF Scientific Advisory Committee

Princeton, NY • rburdine@Princeton.EDU

Rebecca Burdine is an independent voting member of the ASF Board.   |  Term Expiration: 2021


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