Michelle Harvey

Michelle HarveyIndividual Education Plan (IEP) Issues, ASF IEP Bank, Educational Issues and Advocacy.

As an ASF Resource Team Michelle’s areas of focus are IEP’s and ABA. If you have questions about IEP goals, IEP meetings with teachers, or your child’s inclusion at school, Michelle is your go-to resource. Her MEd in Special Education (Severe/Comprehensive Disabilities) and ABA form a great foundation for her work with the ASF. She is also interested in the intersection of behavior/ABA principles and education and applying that to disabilities such as Angelman Syndrome. Michelle was introduced to Angelman Syndrome through her youngest brother (Matt, Del+), who recently graduated from high school and is now in his district’s community-based program. She adores her brother and is very proud of him, crediting much of his success to her mom and dad. She enthusiastically uses her personal experiences to help other AS families. Michelle currently lives in San Diego.


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