Eric Hamberg, Director

Eric Hamberg and FamilyEric Hamberg and his wife, Autumn, have one-year-old twin girls, Veda and Nora. Eric’s 39-year-old cousin, Randy, is diagnosed with AS. Eric and Randy have known each other their entire lives and have enjoyed so many special moments together. Randy is very near and dear to Eric’s heart.

Eric serves as a vice president and financial advisor at Rik Saylor Financial. He enjoys spending time outside with his wife and daughters or playing golf with family and friends. Eric also co-hosts the “The Rik Saylor Financial Wealth Management Hour” podcast.

Eric has a history of serving on a number of nonprofit boards and looks forward to making a difference on the ASF Board of Directors.

West Chester, OH •


Eric Hamberg is an independent voting member of the ASF Board.   |  Term Expiration: 2019


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