Elizabeth Berry-Kravis MD, PhD

Elizabeth Berry-Kravis MDElizabeth Berry-Kravis MD, PhD is a Professor of Pediatrics, Neurological Sciences, and Biochemistry at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.  She has directed the Fragile X Clinic and Research Program since 1991, providing care to over 600 patients with fragile X syndrome (FXS). She has studied medical issues, epilepsy and psychopharmacology in FXS, and done translational research in FXS including outcome measures and biomarkers, natural history, newborn screening, and clinical trials of new targeted treatments in FXS.

Recently, Berry-Kravis has expanded clinical and translational work to other neurodevelopmental disorders including autism spectrum disorders, and single gene ASD models, including Phelan McDermid syndrome, Rett syndrome and Angelman syndrome. She also is working on translational research in rare neurogenetic disorders including Niemann-Pick type C, Battens disease, pantothenate kinase-associated neurodegeneration, and creatine transporter deficiency. She has received the NFXF Jarrett Cole Clinical Award, FRAXA Champion Award, AAN Sidney Carter Award in Child Neurology and John Merck Fund Sparkplug Award.


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